Understanding brand building project failure points

23 May 2023

Understanding brand building project failure points
Those who know the risks are more likely to get a high ROI from brand building

Branding, design and digital agency Stepworks has just published an article addressing some of the risks in brand building projects.

Titled How can I derisk my branding project?, the article hones in on factors that constrain or undermine the success of a project.

The article is the final in a series of four focusing on what a leader should consider when allocating brand building budgets. 

The series covers Opportunity, Timing, ROI and Risk in the context of applying brand building to achieve business objectives. 

Support for leaders taking organisations through times of pivotal change

One of the highest risks in brand building is an uninformed or inexperienced leader.

It’s common because few leaders regularly get involved in branding projects. Branding usually requires a daunting degree of subjectivity as well as sensitive aesthetic judgement. It requires specialist experience.

Brand building is a task that can be relatively easily insourced after allocating appropriate resources. The series offers guidance to make better decisions about that.

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