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Alliance Laundry Systems
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Deriving value by aligning brand and business strategy

Alliance Laundry Systems is the world leader in commercial laundry, in terms of sales, reach, range and R&D investment.

After a period of rapid global expansion, the group recognised that a revitalised group brand, and clearly differentiated product brands, would help sustain momentum and accelerate growth.

Stepworks was appointed to assist with the year-long global rebrand project. Brands and sub-brands were aligned with business objectives to spearhead change across the organisation.

Rationalising the house of brands helped to clarify and simplify the group’s business proposition to multiple audiences

Value created

Stronger business – The initiative involved the entire senior Alliance team, and encouraged them to consider the business from the viewpoint of multiple stakeholders. The brand strategy and brand expression now support the business strategy and guides C-suite decisions.  

Premium positioning – The brand audit revealed many stakeholders felt the group was misperceived. The new group branding correctly positions the group as the sector-leading multinational with five premium product brands.

Rationalised brand assets – The process enabled the executive team to consolidate, simplify and streamline their brand architecture. Subsequent brand investments will be more focused and efficient.

The old logo on the left did not accurately reflect the premium positioning of the group
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Leading performance with powerful digital

A new website was the focal point for the Alliance rebranding initiative. The website tells the story of how the company leads its sector, how it became a billion dollar business, and what it can do for you, the visitor.

Website development began as soon as all brand models for the group and individual product brands were clarified and approved. Story and navigation were developed first. This allowed stakeholders to understand exactly how each brands and sub-brand would be communicated. Copywriting/navigation-led also helps to ensure better usability for visitors.

The full website launch coincided with the largely digital rebrand launch campaign, beginning a new chapter in the Alliance story.

Value created

Leadership in vision – The sophisticated modern design of the website tangibly positioned Alliance and its brands as the sector leaders with premium brands and products.

Brand building clarity – By launching a complete website with the rebrand Alliance was able to clarify its full business story for all stakeholders.

Internationally accessible – Non-native English speakers are a major audience for Alliance, even in the USA. The simple, direct copywriting avoided local idioms and jargon.

Designed to quickly achieve the goals of a variety of users, the Alliance Laundry Systems website offers a comprehensive introduction to the business and its brands
Concept website for Alliance Laundry by Stepworks
Concept for Alliance Laundry rebrand screensaver
A digital campaign introduced the new brand and its strategic implications to Alliance teams
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Keeping multiple stakeholders engaged with change

Introducing change to the key product brands of a billion dollar multinational is a sensitive operation.

Our brand revitalisation for Alliance, clarified and repositioned six world leading commercial laundry brands. This affected numerous stakeholders worldwide.

The rebrand involved key executives, distributors and managers across many timezones, who helped uncover challenges and opportunities that could be addressed with brand clarity. This process informed a rational approach to decisions about brand architecture and positioning.

A multilingual internal brand relaunch campaign that included traditional and digital elements, supported the launch.

Value created

Clear differentiation – The launch helped stakeholders understand the group’s premium leadership positioning. The roles of the group’s five product brands and numerous sub-brands were also clear.

Supporting recruitment efforts – Amplifying Alliance’s purpose and the career potential of the laundry sector helps the group attract top talent, both inside and outside the sector.

Stock photo of a dad lying down on a bed with a baby on top kissing his cheek for Alliance rebrand

Newsletter introduced the changes to team members

Concept newsletter for Alliance Laundry designed by Stepworks
Concept .gif of Alliance Laundry multilingual promo design
The launch was rolled out worldwide in multiple languages
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A methodical approach to introducing change

The launch of the revitalised Alliance Laundry Systems brand began with an internal marketing campaign. The objective of the staff communication was to introduce the team to change, and accelerate the evolution process.

The CEO introduced the initiative via a video. A newsletter added the thoughts of each Alliance senior executive about the “Leading performance” positioning phrase. Email and printed materials took the message to every team member.

The January 2 new brand launch opened a new year. The CEO explained the changes via multiple channels and invited key distributors, customers and stakeholders to visit the new website. Alliance team members were equipped to share the news with customers and partners.

Value created

Premium positioning – The company was able to maintain the valuable positioning of all their product brands by differentiating each as a performance leader in a specific category, or for specific audiences.

Successful roll out – Investing in a relaunch campaign equipped the Alliance team to help partners and customers quickly understand the advantages the rebrand would bring.

Easier brand management – Comprehensive brand identity systems and tools ensures global consistency for building brand value.

In this brand launch video the CEO explains the reasons for change, and encourages partners to facilitate the process
To project a uniform image of leading performance, comprehensive brand guidelines define the correct application of each brand

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