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| həʊlˈhɑːtɪd |
showing or characterised by complete sincerity and commitment

Wholehearted Brand Building is how we create valuable competitive advantages for the people and organisations we work with.

Effective brand building can give you a more valuable business, a more resilient organisation, stronger sales, happier teams.... Like any opportunity, there are risks.

Our approach aims to minimise risk and maximise returns. This means being completely open and realistic about the potential of your relationship with us.

The brand building journey

Brand building is a journey of exploration. On our journey we face many possible paths.

Some lead to treasure. Some lead to danger. Some lead nowhere. To find our way we survey the terrain and explore various routes.

On any journey into the unknown, your first big decision is who will you take with you?

Choosing the right crew

Wholehearted Brand Building emphasises teamwork. This works because strong brands must resonate with many different types of people. A diverse crew creates more value.

Working with people from different disciplines, cultures and backgrounds widens creative inputs. Experience in different sectors cross-pollinates thinking.

Our approach values listening and learning from the unique insights and experiences of everyone involved.

The mindset for great results

In most of our branding projects we’re privileged to work with people who have an ikigai approach to life.

You will work with such people on our Wholehearted Brand Building teams because that’s what we look for when we recruit new colleagues.

People with ikigai

You’ll encounter caring people who are really good at building brands on our multicultural, multidisciplined team. We make a conscious effort to be helpful, kind and understanding to everyone we encounter.

Working across different industry sectors helps us cross-pollinate ideas and introduces us to new innovations. We offer global reach as a member of the Magnet marketing and advertising global network.

Cheung Kam ChuenSenior Graphic Designer

Stephy ChanAccount Manager

Adam ChanLead Developer

Natalie GoodridgeAccount Director

Alice WongAdministration Executive

Eric ChanDesign Director, Partner

Denis VodišekDigital Developer

Sean Barry

Alexandra CarterFinance Director

Jessy YipSenior Graphic Designer

Stephen BarryManaging Partner

Shadow WongHead of Account Servicing, Partner

Tessa CharAccount Manager

Kaman WongOffice Manager

Ivy SinAccounting Clerk

Vincent WongVisualiser

Zoe TangGraphic designer

Michelle MirallesDesign Director, Partner

Stella HanCo-founder

Michelle LeeAccount Manager

Paul RigbyCreative Director, Partner

Caren LeeSenior Layout Artist

Sincerity and commitment

We encourage a caring environment so everyone feels free to share their thoughts. Wholehearted Brand Building seeks balance, and aligns what we believe, express, and do.

Being wholehearted means commitment. A commitment to doing what’s right, what’s wow and what’s valuable. Not what’s easy or expedient.

Most people we work with value our approach because it’s the same approach they take to living their life.

Creative roles

Currently looking for Digital Developer with over 3 years of hands-on experience in front and backend development

Currently looking for Senior Graphic Designer with over 5 years creative agency graphic design experience

Account management roles

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