Revitalising a Singapore sustainability business brand

27 October 2023

Revitalising a Singapore sustainability business brand
The Global Green Connect project resulted in a refreshed brand and redesigned website

Global Green Connect (GGC) is a Singapore firm offering sustainability consulting and training services to businesses in Southeast Asia.

In addition to its academy and consulting services, GGC supports a social enterprise, Global Green Economic Foundation (GGEF). Since 2013 GGEF has run events, awards and training to promote innovation, sustainability and leadership.

Recently GGC unveiled its revitalised brand and website, developed in collaboration with Singapore- and Hong Kong-based branding agency, Stepworks  

Sustainability at the heart

The initiative kicked off with a research phase. After exploring several dimensions of the market, the GGC and Stepworks teams developed a brand strategy.

From the research it emerged that GGC applied a very rigorous approach to sustainability – the advice and training it offers authentically result in positive ESG change at the core of the businesses it supports. This is important because of the prevalence of greenwashing. 

GGC’s brand positioning line Sustainability at the heart expresses how the company aims to make sustainability a core driver of profit and competitiveness. The line also reflects the passion that drives the GGC team, which is evident in the effectiveness of their work.

Supporting pivotal change

The brand positioning and strategy informed the redesign of GGC’s logo and website. An overarching purpose of the project was to herald a new era of growth for Global Green Connect. 

The revitalised brand was launched at the opening of their new Kuala Lumpur office and plays a role in energising their growing team. Sustainability at the heart supports each team member with a unified idea for everyone’s role. Investing in brand building flags the businesses’ determination to further expand its operations regionally from Singapore. 


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