Insights from senior leaders on sustainable business practices

5 Feb 2021

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Over 40 business leaders gathered to discuss overcoming difficult times

The Sounding Board, a platform that brings together leaders from various industries to discuss topics of interest, recently hosted a panel discussion on sustainability. The event was a resounding success, with 48 senior leaders in attendance.

The panel shared valuable insights on how businesses can incorporate sustainable practices into their operations. The discussion was engaging and thought-provoking, with attendees eager to learn practical tips and next steps to make sustainability a core component of their corporate strategy.

Sustainability as a strategic imperative

Throughout the session, the speakers highlighted the importance of taking a proactive approach to sustainability. They emphasised the need for businesses to view sustainability as a strategic imperative rather than a mere checkbox exercise. They also discussed the role of leadership in driving sustainability initiatives, and stressed the importance of engaging stakeholders at all levels of the organisation to ensure success.

The event was a great reminder of the importance of sustainability in today's business landscape. The Sounding Board continues to provide a valuable platform for leaders to come together and share their insights on important topics.

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