Focused brand message for hospital

18 August 2022

Hospital works with branding agency to focus message
The “uniquely yours” message aims to position the hospital as a centre of excellence for personalised medicine and personal patient comfort

Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong has provided patients with high-quality healthcare since opening its doors in 2017. 

Healthcare is changing in response to advances in science. Hospitals are not all equal. Patients today have more choice than ever. The brand messages a healthcare provider sends can demonstrably influence a patient’s choice of hospital.

Recognising this, after five years of success, the hospital’s leaders invited branding specialists Stepworks to identify opportunities to build its brand. 

The project objective was to discover if Gleneagles Hong Kong could be positioned in a way more attractive to local stakeholders. Ideally the positioning would develop over the long term as a foundation for the hospital’s reputation.

Adding local flavour to a global brand

Gleneagles is one of eight subsidiary brands of the global IHH Healthcare network. In addition to communicating locally-relevant messages, the brand must follow the group’s global guidelines. It was important therefore to ensure any direction respected the fundamental messages of the global brand.

After exploring several potential directions, the team realised that as a new institution, Gleneagles is ideally equipped to support patients in two important ways. 

Gleneagles gets personal

One is the emerging field of precision medicine, often called personalised medicine. The other is personal comfort – being as hospitable as possible, and, as far as practical, offering patients their preferred choice of diet and encouraging touches of home.

This is encapsulated in the positioning phrase “uniquely yours”. Campaigns focus on the idea that Gleneagles Hong Kong offers personalised medicine, and more personal comfort.

In addition to the messaging framework, Stepworks team designed campaign tools that enable the Gleneagles team to develop their brand in-house. Ideally this positioning can also guide and be reinforced by operational decisions. 

The two teams further collaborated to produce a well-received special commemorative book to celebrate Gleneagles Hong Kong’s five-year anniversary.

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