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Where are we coming from?

Internal use

Website background, objectives and deliverables

New website or rebuild?

Do you already have a tentative scope for this project
For example a creative brief, functional specifications, site map, etc.

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Benchmarking – Have you identified any reference websites relevant to this project that we can learn from?

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What are the key objectives of this website project? (You can select more than one)

Introduce a new brand or business initiative
Manage organisational change or digital transformation
Increase brand awareness
Enhance brand image
Attract potential customers
Attract potential investors
Facilitate the customer journey
Facilitate customer service and support
Publish news about our offering
Inform team, attract new talent, employee branding


Have you secured an appropriate domain or domains?

Audiences – who must this website influence?

B2B customers
B2C customers
Existing team members
Potential employees
Partners and suppliers
News reporters and media producers
Regulators and government
Investors / potential investors

Please list any other possible audiences

What visitor behaviour do you want to encourage?

Join mailing list
Buy products
Make an enquiry / engage with customer management system (CRM)
Join as a member
Book a reservation
Access customer self-support
Download PDF files, forms, templates or tools for self-service
Complete and submit online forms (share data)
Submit files (resumes, reference materials etc)
Comment, review, rate or join discussions
Confirm ID or other compliance requirements
Click through to another resource such as social media or ecommerce site, etc

Please list any other required visitor actions

Where are your audiences located?

Other (please write in locations separated by a comma)

Do you have any audience data or analytics?

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(accepts .doc, .docx, .pdf, .pages)

The information you provide will be treated as confidential.

Which languages will your website need?

Choose as many as you need

Please list any other languages (separate with comma)

Do you need to migrate current website content or data to the new website?

What are your website content creation requirements?

Choose as many as you need

Website functions, services and applications

Should the website take a mobile-first approach?

Basic design functions

CMS (Content Management System)

Please add requirements / objectives

Please add requirements / objectives

Do you have any CMS platform preferences?

Site search


Which system?

Please add any other form requirements / objectives

On-site visitor communication

Please add any other visitor communications


Please add any other media requirements / objectives

Third-party API integration

Please add any other API requirements


Any website functions, services and applications not previously listed?

Will you need ongoing website maintenance support?

Every website is a dynamic resource that requires regular attention for optimum performance and effectiveness

Please note that a website maintenance support package is strongly recommended for websites not hosted in-house. Ad hoc maintenance may incur considerable costs.

Technical considerations

What browsers does your organisation use?

*Please note that Internet Explorer has been discontinued and is no-longer supported

Do you need website hosting?

Do you have a hosting preference?

Do you have coding preferences?

Do you have a database preference

Challenges and opportunities

ESG is increasingly important. These third party services offer opportunities to contribute to your ESG initiatives

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