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Overall website assessment result

Here’s how scored for brand building effectiveness.


Please note that your score is an approximation of your website brand building effectiveness. A Stepworks specialist can offer a deeper analysis.

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Here’s a breakdown of your website brand building effectiveness score

Our automated assessment reflects how likely people will understand the value of your business via your website. Branding is essentially human, so any machine analysis has limitations – it is a useful way for brand builders to get a more objective view of their website.

Website brand building effectiveness score

Digital brand experience

This score reflects the degree visitors will engage positively with your website and brand based on modern user expectations.

Value delivered to business

This score indicates how well your website builds brand and business value.

Design effectiveness

This score indicates how effectively your website’s graphic design and brand identity positively influence visitors.

Website technical effectiveness score

It’s important to pay attention to the technical side when building an effective and persuasive website. The following dimensions influence the overall user experience. Scores above [75] suggest above average effectiveness.


This reflects how quickly visitors see your website pages arrive (people are impatient and making someone wait forms a poor impression). It might look fast to you, but be slow on some devices or in some locations.


A website friendly to people with disabilities promotes an inclusive company culture and creates a positive impression on visitors.

Best practices

This checks for common mistakes in websites. Website standards change and this score reflects your site’s compliance with relevant modern standards.

SEO effectiveness

Search engines aim to determine the relevance of content. A high score indicates your website content can be correctly categorised for valuable search engine visibility.

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