USD2 billion tech startup partners with branding specialist for name and logo

29 December 2021

The brand conveys the tech startup’s purpose and ethos

Bandwidth is increasingly the fuel of prosperity. Trends such as remote working, video conferencing and streaming require heavy investment in digital infrastructure. Places with hyperscale data centres, cell towers and fibre connections have an economic advantage over those without.

Digital scarcity is driving considerable investment into enterprises able to deliver essential bandwidth where it’s needed. One such venture is FLOW Digital Infrastructure. It was announced in August 2021 with an initial USD2 billion investment – yet without a name. 

The founders partnered with Stepworks to coin a name and design a corporate identity for the new company.

FLOW the data sustainably

The objective of the venture is to build hyperscale data centres and other digital infrastructure assets in the Asia Pacific region. 

Locating, building and maintaining hyperscale data centres requires an enormously wide range of skills and talents – not to mention vision, grit and focus.

It was these traits that inspired the collaborators to name the venture FLOW Digital Infrastructure. The positioning phrase, Enabling digital economies, was coined by the founder.

The corporate identity reflects the company’s dedication to efficiency, and determination to make the data centres as ecologically responsible as possible.

The online home of the digital infrastructure company is at

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