Asia-based philanthropic organisation aligns brand with organisational purpose to advance sustainable global trade

27 August 2020

Hinrich Foundation is a unique Asia-based philanthropic organisation that works to advance mutually beneficial and sustainable global trade through policy research and education. Its work is driven by the belief that sustainable global trade strengthens relationships between nations and improves people’s lives.

In 2018 the foundation initiated a strategic review of its programs and impact. This resulted in a significant evolution of its program platform. The foundation then recruited Stepworks to help evolve its corporate messaging to support the change.  

The Hinrich Foundation team invited Stepworks to work with them to form a team of brand builders. Together they assessed the potential to evolve Hinrich Foundation’s brand direction. The eventual outcome included a new design language, website, marketing collaterals and brand guidelines.

An inspiring brand building journey

The topic of global trade is vastly complex, involving many interdependent stakeholders. This brand alignment project involved obtaining the perceptions of multiple stakeholders with diverse backgrounds in various time zones.

The Hinrich Foundation and Stepworks teams worked successfully together to refresh and update the brand identity in a way that resonates with a variety of stakeholders. The evolved approach was applied to digital and print channels.

The collaboration helped further the foundation’s objectives to advance mutually beneficial and sustainable global trade.

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