HK restaurant branding specialist’s latest collaboration unveiled

14 September 2015

Today Hong Kong food and beverage operator, Eat LAH Group opened WAALAH! a new restaurant in Causeway Bay. Specialist agency Stepworks helped with the restaurant’s branding and launch collaterals.

WAALAH! blends urban Euro streetside dining with gourmet Anglo cafe refreshments and adds a little Asian inspiration. The name is a twist on the French exclamation of surprise Voila – “there it is”. The restaurant’s offering is summed up in its positioning phrase – Cafe Culture Remixed.

Eat LAH Group Chairman, Bono Wong said, “Hong Kong’s well-travelled people have sophisticated tastes. We believe they will appreciate contemporary cuisine that combines Continental, English and Asian influences.

“The WAALAH! branding conveys the friendly open nature of the venue and its unique cultural fusion. We’re very happy with the result.”

The branding project began with a brand model, storytelling, visual identity and key messages. Stepworks was involved in almost all branding components. The deliverables included a website, environments, menus, photography, POS, collaterals, media releases, signage and a launch campaign.

Stepworks continues to partner with Eat LAH on various business-building initiatives.

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