Hong Kong-based agency Stepworks refreshes brand of prominent property development and construction

30 May 2014

Hsin Chong has been active in major construction, infrastructure and property related developments since 1939. 
As Hong Kong’s biggest construction operator, the company was instrumental in the erection of many iconic Hong Kong property and infrastructure projects. 
Six years after a significant management change, Hsin Chong embarked on a comprehensive review of its brand and messages. Objectives of the initiative included clarifying the brand’s story and exploring changes to Hsin Chong’s corporate identity. Any changes resulting from the program were scheduled to be unveiled in parallel with the company’s 75th anniversary celebrations. 
Hsin Chong’s holistic branding partner, Stepworks, developed and applied a detailed methodology for the project, which included a comprehensive brand review, preliminary research and structured creative exploration.
The process resulted in brand clarification, that was expressed in set of key messages, a striking new logo and a refreshed corporate identity. A set of brand guidelines was also developed to ensure consistent application of the new direction.
Stepworks managing director Stephen Barry said, “Hsin Chong has a powerful story, a strong business and a compelling vision. The new brand reflects this. The success of the project can be attributed to the can-do attitude of the Hsin Chong team who understand the power of branding to reinforce and encourage positive change.” 
Hsin Chong’s evolutionary approach to rebranding represents a positive example to major operators in the property development, construction and engineering sector, many of whom find branding a challenge.

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