Mass transit operator Hong Kong Tramways launches new campaign

9 July 2015

Hong Kong Tramways recently teamed up with brand building agency Stepworks to promote its mass transit service. The objective is to highlight the practical advantages of Hong Kong’s iconic trams. Known locally as “ding ding” from the sound of their distinctive bells, trams have been in operation since 1904. 
Facing increased competition, the company seeks to remind people that the accessibility, convenience and affordability of trams makes them the ideal choice for short trips.
Headlined Ding Ding There Soon, the campaign depicts tram riders as skaters cruising with ease through the streets of Hong Kong. The creative also draws attention to the service’s low HK$2.30 flat fare.
Targeting mainly potential passengers living and working in close proximity to the service, the campaign was rolled out on outdoor and digital media. The eye-catching initiative is the company’s first self-promotion campaign in over two decades.

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