Insights into mental health management during the COVID-19 pandemic

13 March 2020

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Business leaders gather across the web to gain insight on mental health management during global crisis

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges worldwide, impacting mental health significantly. Dr Hannah Reidy, CEO of mental health charity, Mind, and Clinical Psychologist, shared valuable insights on this topic during The Sounding Board session.

During her briefing, Dr Reidy emphasised the importance of taking proactive steps to manage our mental health during a virus outbreak. She acknowledged that it's normal to feel anxious or overwhelmed in times of crisis, but stressed that there are many things we can do to support our mental wellbeing.

Strategies for self-care and emotional wellbeing

Dr Reidy stressed that staying connected with loved ones is crucial, utilising methods such as video calls, phone calls, or sending letters. Maintaining a routine helps regain stability amidst disrupted schedules.

Staying informed from reliable sources like the World Health Organization was emphasised, while cautioning against excessive consumption of news and social media, which can lead to anxiety. Dr Reidy emphasised the need to prioritise mental health, practice self-kindness, and seek help if necessary.

In summary, Dr Reidy's briefing underscored the significance of managing mental health during a virus outbreak. By staying connected, maintaining routines, staying informed without overwhelming oneself, and prioritising mental well-being, individuals can navigate these challenging times with resilience. The organisers’ extended their gratitude to Dr Reidy and Mind for invaluable insights and resources.

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