Innovation development and design group launch new brand and website

28 November 2021

Effective branding and website design delivers measurable value for almost all organisations, especially for those in the high-tech new product introduction (NPI) space. These businesses essentially compete for innovator talent – meaning a future forward corporate identity and digital presence is almost obligatory.

Q.Inc works in NPI, transforming deep tech with high innovation potential into valuable hardware/software products. 

The group of three businesses evolved a new brand to clarify the advantages of its integrated offering. The next-level transformation builds on a stellar 20-year track record of developing challenging hardware products. 

The business comprises Q Lab for outsourced ideation, Q Design for product development and manufacturing, and Q Capital for venture funding.

The global launch of Q.Inc’s new brand and website followed a fruitful collaboration with Stepworks, the Hong Kong-based international branding agency and digital design firm.


Q.Inc’s website design meshes with the branding to express its unique business model

Q.Inc’s website design meshes with the branding to express its unique business model


Innovative business, innovative strategy, innovative branding 

The project included naming, brand strategy, design and digital development components.

Q.Inc brings together all the people and elements required for successful new product development. The company focuses on deep technology – scientific breakthroughs with potential for development into practical products and applications.

Stakeholders include startup founders and teams, venture capitalists, corporations seeking innovation collaborators, and academics, researchers and universities.

Next level enterprise  

The Q.Inc branding and website design initiative included a strong infographic component. Stakeholders can easily understand the value of the company.  

The Q offering combines design thinking, manufacturing resources and access to capital offers. It delivers powerful advantages to hot startup founders, investors, CEOs needing innovations and owners of deep technology.

Q.Inc’s contemporary corporate identity and on-trend website design creatively and effectively communicate the reality of an innovation pioneer.

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