Ingredients for effective brand decision-making

18 July 2022

Ingredients for effective brand decision-making
By focusing on opportunity, timing, ROI and risk, leaders can build value from their brands

Hesitant decision-making inhibits many organisations from getting full value from branding. A brand investment may appear difficult to justify on the balance sheet. Also, the element of artistry in brand development requires some subjectivity, which can be a challenge. Budget allocation and expected results are not easy to quantify. Branding decisions get sent to the back of the queue, well behind operational decisions. Opportunities are missed.

When conditions change, minds must change too

Brand initiatives can be especially rewarding at a key inflection point of an organisation, product or service. When change is required to progress an organisation, it’s essential to persuade people to think positively about the change. Your stakeholders need to understand what’s in it for them, and how they can contribute the shared vision.

Hong Kong-based branding agency Stepworks recently published an article about the four ingredients decision-makers must balance to brew a great brand. The article examines opportunity, timing, ROI and risk as four fundamental considerations for a brand investment decision. It aims to give leaders an insight in getting the most from a brand building investment.

The article, What to consider when brewing a strong brand can be read here.

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