Identifying opportunities to leverage brand

29 August 2022

Identifying opportunities to leverage brand

Brand building projects often offer opportunities beyond the original scope. This insight has led Hong Kong-based branding and digital agency to write about such easy-to-overlook opportunities.

The article is titled Brand opportunity mining – where do we dig? It identifies two broad areas in business where brand building techniques can lead to better outcomes.

Two types of opportunity examined

Operational opportunities span the more obvious situations where branding is often considered essential, such as the launch of a new offering, and sales and marketing campaigns. 

Organisational opportunities include events where brand is typically considered as an afterthought, if at all. These include acquisitions, strategic business shifts, raising capital and expansion into new regions or reaching new audiences.

It’s all about persuasion

What these activities have in common is that the stakeholders affected by change will need to understand how they can benefit. A carefully devised message framework can achieve that.

Also, business activities involving brand building often overlap in some way. Keeping these opportunities top-of-mind can deliver a lot more value from an investment in brand.      

The article, Brand opportunity mining – where do we dig? can be read here.

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