How B2B CEOs can rationally benefit from emotional brand building

26 September 2023

B2B businesses today must engage hearts as well as minds

B2B businesses tend to rely on rational arguments when presenting their offerings. This seems logical as their business customers need to understand exactly what they are buying. 

However, emotions strongly influence decision-making. And there are many different stakeholders making many types of decisions about whether to engage with a business or not. 

Should I explore this company’s website? Should I contact this company? Should I join this company? Should I invest in this company? Should I partner with this company?

The B2B company that engages these potential stakeholders on an emotional dimension has an advantage over competitors that don’t.

The emotional dimension of branding can be a challenge to get right.  Stepworks has posted an article that reveals how  B2B brand building becomes easier and more rewarding when rational processes are methodically applied to create value from it.        

Titled, “Emotional B2B brand building for rational CEOs”, the article is for B2B company leaders seeking to leverage their brand to address business needs.

Read the article: Emotional B2B brand building for rational CEOs

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