Hope School update: team distribute essential staples to villagers

10 August 2021

Two of this local villager’s children are former Hope School pupils. The Hope School team helped them out with masks, soap, eggs and other food items

Hong Kong branding agency Stepworks supports Hope School, an education initiative in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The school offers classes to 600 pupils from underserved village families.

Cambodia initially mounted a successful response to COVID-19, keeping the nation relatively free from the virus for the first year of the pandemic.

However after cases started rising in April 2021, the government mounted a harshly enforced lockdown. The severity of the lockdown has limited many people’s access to food.

Hope School’s pandemic pivot

The lockdown has also resulted in Hope School suspending operations. Instead of holding classes, the Hope School team has begun distributing essentials to needy local families. 

In addition to food items, including eggs, rice, fish, noodles and other staples, the team provides villagers with masks and soap. 

It’s gratifying to see the Hope School community continue to create positive change in the face of adversity.

If you’re interested in supporting Hope School, please get in touch with Stepworks for more information.

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