Crafting an ingredient brand for sustainable Chinese silk maker

22 January 2020

An innovative Chinese silk manufacturer partnered with the branding agency Stepworks to add strength to its new ingredient brand Bombyx. 

Inspired by their unique production process and ambition to challenge the way textiles are made, Stepworks developed a brand strategy and visual identity that reflected Bombyx’s audacious attitude. 

Silk enlightened

Adapting the ancient art of silk production, Bombyx treats silkworms with modern, sustainable techniques to create extra-light, extra-strength silk fibres. Stepworks created a brand model and brand identity to express Bombyx’s commitment to transforming the garment industry – and their boldness. 

The Bombyx brand expresses ancient craft with a modern attitude. The logo is a hand-drawn cross-section of the fibrous silkworm cocoon. The rich mulberry colour distinguishes Bombyx from traditional eco-friendly ingredient brands and gives the idea of sustainability a high fashion edge.

A smooth operation

Stepworks also devised a go-to-market strategy to help Bombyx raise awareness for their ingredient brand and attract talent across Chinese provinces where their silk farms are based. Since launching in the Nanchong region, Bombyx has created 3,000 jobs in late 2019.

The enterprising team responded well to their brand development journey: “Bombyx continues to be influenced by the foundation we set together. Thanks for helping to create a lasting and impactful brand. You guys are awesome!”

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