Hong Kong stationery brand Daycraft pops up with another electrifying exhibition

2 May 2014

Daycraft once again put a smile on the faces of visitors to the HKTDC Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair held in Hong Kong from 27 to 30 April 2014.
The popular Hong Kong-based organizer product maker unveiled a giant telephone, toaster and blender to highlight developments with the Daycraft brand.
The bRead toaster
The toaster celebrated the three new flavours of the best-seller bRead series of notebooks, Wheat Bread, White Bread and Whole Wheat.
The Handy pick blender
The blender shook up the crowd and showcased the mix-and-match notebook crossover with leading Japanese personal organiser and accessory brand Handy pick. Notebook fans are invited to pick the accessories they need to organise their lives, and blend to match.
The Retrotech rotary phone
The big red telephone called attention to the new Retrotech series, inspired by antique technology such as the audio cassette tape, the rotary dial telephone and the vinyl record – OK so the last one is still in production.
Designed by Hong Kong holistic branding agency Stepworks in close collaboration with the Daycraft team, the display was a big attraction.
The tactical objective of event was to encourage passers by to shoot selfies with the display, sign global distributors and make the day of everyone who encounters the brand.

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