Iconic creative for General Air-Conditioner by HK branding agency

2 June 2016

General Air-Conditioner has pioneered home comfort innovations in Hong Kong since 1974. In the city the iconic brand has become an authentic household name.
The first to offer in-window air-conditioners, General continued its pioneering tradition more recently by being the first-to-market with modern inverter models.
General worked with long-time creative partner Hong Kong branding agency Stepworks to develop a creative campaign to highlight how General has been a part Hong Kong's heritage for the past 42 years. 
Stepworks recruited trending local paper art group Stickyline to produce elaborate paper hat sculptures of three HK icons.... towering landmark Lion Rock, the ubiquitous Hong Kong pineapple bun and a General Air-conditioner. 
The campaign depicted playful photographs of kids wearing the paper sculptures, and ran via outdoor, video, digital, print and social channels. 
General extended the campaign with a branded VW camper van that brought the fun to the streets via a two-week pineapple bun giveaway that proved popular. The well-received campaign aimed to influence buyer choice during the air-conditioner buying season.

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