Stepworks acts as financial services branding agency for DXB Connect Prepaid MasterCard®

25 September 2012

A pre-paid card is ideal for travellers, for people without access to traditional banking and for people who need to move money across borders with as little fuss as possible.

The DXB Connect pre-paid MasterCard® is available in Dubai. Developed by Jade Payments the card provides a practical way to safely store and access travel funds. The DXB Connect card also offers a range of discounts and deals, mostly available in the UAE.

Stepworks recently launched a campaign to raise the profile of this useful product among visitors to Dubai.

The campaign employed posters and handouts targeting passengers passing through Dubai International Airport. Essentially acting as Jade Payments’ Dubai branding agency, Stepworks developed the campaign in Hong Kong and monitored progress from the city.

The campaign focused on presenting the idea of the pre-paid card as “simple”. This was to overcome traveller misperception of the card as more complex than it actually is.

The initiative immediately moved the needle on DXB Connect card sales, setting new records. Jade Payments reported strong satisfaction with working with Stepworks as their financial services branding agency.

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