Hong Kong branding agency develops ecommerce website for children’s clothes in Asia

22 January 2014

Hong Kong-based Maggie & Flynn is the premier website to buy children’s clothes online in Asia.
The Maggie & Flynn ecommerce website carries a great range of adorable designer fashions for little people. It also features a series of illustrations chronicling the adventures of the eponymous Maggie & Flynn, real children in the lives of the founders.
The character-driven approach aims to give busy mothers a smile as they shop online for children’s clothes in Asia, and facilitate the future development of house-branded lines.
Hong Kong holistic branding agency Stepworks helped to realise the founders’ vision of Maggie & Flynn, with brand development, design, packaging,  illustrations, ecommerce website development, guidelines, and more.
Mums in Asia can look forward to a superb shopping experience, with a carefully curated choice and outstanding service when they visit the branded ecommerce website to shop online for children’s clothes in Asia.

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