Hong Kong Tramways launches new visitor experience

15 January 2016

Hong Kong Tramways today cracked the champagne on its new TramOramic tour. The new attraction takes visitors on an amazing one hour journey around the city in a 1920s-style heritage tram. The trip introduces passengers to places of interest, and shares tales of the city, its history and iconic tramway via a narrated soundtrack in several languages.

Hong Kong branding agency Stepworks worked closely with the Hong Kong Tramways project development team to create an experience that would wow passengers with an authentic city encounter. The collaboration began during the initial planning stage of the project and touched on numerous aspects of the passenger journey.

Deliverables included initial tram design, TramOramic branding, website and launch collaterals. Noteworthy items included a souvenir Golden Ticket and postcards depicting split photographs that showed the tram in a single location separated by decades.

The partnership presents an interesting example of how brand, message and design can be integrated in prototype stage to deliver a focused and tightly integrated result.

The TramOramic tour is an important new attraction for Hong Kong’s tourism industry and a major initiative for Hong Kong Tramways. The launch ceremony was attended by senior government officials who expressed their support for the iconic tramway and praised the new experience for its leisure and heritage value.

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