Insurance company commissions brand building system

28 July 2022

YF Life’s marcoms system makes it easy for the insurer to produce on-brand campaigns in-house

Life insurer YF Life combines visionary leadership with innovative tech-based opportunities. The company fulfils the insurance needs of individuals and families in the Greater Bay Area, and beyond.

After a brand revitalisation by HK branding agency Stepworks, YF Life wished to cost-effectively produce messages to reach audiences across multiple channels.

YF Life is a committed innovator in the life insurance sector. The firm engaged Stepworks to develop online and traditional media solutions to streamline in-house production of on-brand content and advertising.

A platform for multi-channel success

The collaboration began with a platform for showcasing YF Life’s regular promotional offers in social media. 

Detailed guidelines showed how to easily change campaign variables, such as colours, images, offers and targeted copywriting to keep the appeal fresh and signal its newness.

Campaign variables, such as colours, images, offers and targeted copywriting can be easily changed to keep the appeal fresh and signal its newness. 

The system enables the insurer’s product developers to quickly produce effective high quality promotion campaigns.

Stretch goal – reach even more potential customers

The success of the collaboration encouraged YF Life to partner with Stepworks to extend its in-house creative capabilities.

Working closely together, the two teams developed a digital template-based campaign development system. YF Life applies the system to develop new on-brand advertising campaigns. The fresh designs target millions of people through a wide range of channels.

The positive outcomes of the partnership reveal the potential of design-led digital creative systems to save production costs while maintaining the integrity of the brand.     

YF Life is owned by publicly listed Yunfeng Financial Group. The group’s major shareholders include Yunfeng Financial Holdings Limited and Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company.

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