Brand-led digital agency shares website design tips

21 April 2021

The article discusses how to design a web page with important content organised in an F shape matching visitors’ eye travel

Stepworks has earned a reputation for effective brand-led website design. Now the brand building agency has published a story to share practical ways for organisations to get more value from their websites.

Targeting brand leaders, the article aims to equip CEOs with insights that enable them to more effectively support their organisations’ transformation goals.

The power of good website design

The agency produced the article because the World Wide Web is one of the most powerful tools for brand builders. Unlike social media and other third party communications channels, websites give organisations total control over their brand messages.  

Website development processes have been standardised to a certain degree. It’s now more clear than ever how to develop an effective website. The involvement of senior management is often a key success factor – managers without website development experience should find this piece useful. 

The article, Website design best practices from a brand-led digital agency, can be read here.

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