Branding for businesses expanding across borders

9 February 2022

Skydiver jumps from brand plane
Whether the move is digital or physical, branding affects the outcome of a business moving into new markets

Successful multinational brands are multilingual, multicultural and locally relevant. These traits are acquired methodically. 

When a successful business achieves maximum potential or outgrows its home market, it naturally seeks growth overseas. This expansion might be physical as well as digital. What part does branding play in the process? 

This question is explored by Stepworks, the Hong Kong-based branding firm and web design specialist in a new article.

How to take a brand across borders examines brand-related factors relevant to businesses expanding across borders.

Offering useful tips for leaders, the article looks at the effect of brand on relationship-building. It addresses the pitfalls of weak branding, and how to get positive returns from an overseas brand-building investment.

The article, How to take a brand across borders, can be read here.

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