Artificial Intelligence headlines online discussion

9 September 2022

Artificial Intelligence headlines online discussion
AI is a topic pushing many leaders’ buttons

Last week more than fifty business leaders and human resources professionals from various industries tuned in to The Sounding Board and heard about developments in AI. 

The session was led by Kevin Pereira, the Managing Director of Blu Artificial Intelligence, a firm on the cutting-edge of AI developments.

The session focused on the significance of technologies such as machine learning, blockchain, and the metaverse. Kevin explored the multifaceted developments unfolding in these areas, and shared their potential to transform business landscapes.

Executives learning about machine learning

The discourse delved into the implications of emerging technology for the business, and the need for leaders to be agile and adaptable. 

Kevin’s insights underscored the ever-evolving nature of tech and its capacity to reshape the existing norms in the business world.

Aiming to provide timely updates, stimulate thought-provoking discussions and help navigate the complexities of modern-day business operations, the briefing was warmly received by more than 50 attending business leaders.

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