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Digital transformation is driving strategy for many businesses. Transformation begins in the mind. If your business is in the process of change, it’s important people understand it. Brand building via your website offers more opportunity to create that understanding than any other resource.

Simplicity, clarity and insights into people’s needs drives website effectiveness and value. Google launched their data revolution with a super simple website displaying a logo, an input box, and Search and I’m feeling lucky buttons. Google’s massive value creation began by eliminating the unnecessary and giving people what they want.

Relationships start in the mind and grow from the heart

Building value online is not only available to tech giants and digital pure-plays. Every organisation can benefit from it. Including yours.

So where do we start? By making sure people understand your business. It’s relatively cheap to effectively communicate value via your website. Are you capturing that opportunity? Does your website make visitors think about your business the right way?

Building value online is not only available to tech giants and digital pure-plays. Every organisation can benefit from it. Including yours.

Could your website be easily improved?

Many aspects of digital brand building can be tested and measured. The Stepworks Website Assessment Tool helps you analyse your website for known factors that influence visitor perceptions.

Take 7 minutes to assess your website for digital brand building effectiveness:

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Do visitors get the right impression from your homepage?


Screenshot not loading? No problem, see it here.Screenshot not loading? No problem, take a look at your website using your laptop, desktop or iPad in landscape mode.

How accurately does your homepage communicate the value of your organisation?

Your self-assessed input here affects the end result.

InaccurateVery accurate

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Brand building tip

A homepage that immediately gives visitors a strong first impression adds real value. It’s often the first encounter with your brand for important people like:

  • New customers
  • Potential recruits
  • Potential investors and partners
  • People with influence, such as team family members and friends
  • Others who need to understand the value of your organisation

Step 2 of 7

Is your website helping address business challenges and opportunities?

Which of these areas are a major concern for your organisation?

This suggests your key stakeholders are .

Think about what these people need to understand about your business.


Screenshot not loading? No problem, see it here.Screenshot not loading? No problem, take a look at your website using your laptop, desktop or iPad in landscape mode.

Can immediately see content that's relevant and appealing to them on your homepage?

Low understandingHigh understanding

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Brand building tip

People important to you should instantly obtain a relevant and accurate understanding of your organisation, offering or brand.

Not every visitor is relevant, so precisely focus on what your most valuable visitors need to know.

Communicate your value in the first few words of headline. Navigation buttons can express value too.

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How well does your website work on mobile devices?


Screenshot not loading? No problem, take a look at your website on your phone.Screenshot not loading? No problem, see it here

Is your website optimised to convey your most important message on this small mobile screen?

Brand building tip

What people need to remember most about your business should be expressed in a simple, clear, memorable way.

Does it work on a compact mobile screen? That’s how many of your visitors will view it.

A message that’s strong on a small screen can scale up for even bigger impact.

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Does your website design work for or against you?

Does your website design look simple, focused and uncluttered?


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Brand building tip

People can accurately sense a neglected or unprofessional design. A stagnant look suggests a stagnant organisation.

Digital design aesthetics accurately communicate when your website was last updated.

Brand builders have learned simplicity and uncluttered clarity are more effective.

We can see this in professionally designed websites, which today look totally different to those designed ten years ago.

Website design is about maximising message impact through typography. Readability has a profound effect on visitor understanding.

You might “like” your website design but what do visitors think? What perception do they take away?

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Does your website present your business with consistency?

How closely does your website match the colours, fonts and images you use in your presentation decks, brochures, stationery, and workspace design?

Bad matchGood match

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Brand building tip

Consistency communicates quality.

Well run companies project a unified brand image that reassures people with a smooth consistent experience.

Your customer journey should feel seamless.

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How regularly do you review your website data?

Brand building tip

Your website is a dynamic channel that can be constantly monitored and improved for effectiveness.

It’s valuable to understand which data points matter.

Methodically introducing change to your website can have a measurable effect.

Changes to messages and design can often be tested to find the most effective approach.

Leaders should have at least a once-a-month review. Review more often if digital directly impacts mission critical operations like sales.

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How well does your website handle errors?

The following screenshot shows what your audience likely sees when there’s an error on your site.

Screenshot not loading? No problem, see it here.Screenshot not loading? No problem, take a look at your 404 page using your laptop, desktop or iPad in landscape mode.

How well does your error page (also called a 404 page) express your organisation’s brand? Score low if the page is missing.

It poorly expresses our brandIt expresses our brand well

Adjust your answer

Brand building tip

Your 404 page appears when the web address is incorrect. Don’t waste it. It’s an opportunity to inform and brighten your visitor’s experience.

Check out ours if you find this idea puzzling...

Reduce the negative impact of an error or problem with an interesting on-brand message.

Your website visitor’s journey is full of opportunities to deliver nice surprises.

Overall website assessment result

Here’s how scored for brand building effectiveness.


Please note that your score is an approximation of your website brand building effectiveness. A Stepworks specialist can offer a deeper analysis.

See other available outcomes

Here’s a breakdown of your website brand building effectiveness score

Our automated assessment reflects how likely people will understand the value of your business via your website. Branding is essentially human, so any machine analysis has limitations – it is a useful way for brand builders to get a more objective view of their website.

Website brand building effectiveness score

Digital brand experience

This score reflects the degree visitors will engage positively with your website and brand based on modern user expectations.

Value delivered to business

This score indicates how well your website builds brand and business value.

Design effectiveness

This score indicates how effectively your website’s graphic design and brand identity positively influence visitors.

Website technical effectiveness score

It’s important to pay attention to the technical side when building an effective and persuasive website. The following dimensions influence the overall user experience. Scores above [75] suggest above average effectiveness.


This reflects how quickly visitors see your website pages arrive (people are impatient and making someone wait forms a poor impression). It might look fast to you, but be slow on some devices or in some locations.


A website friendly to people with disabilities promotes an inclusive company culture and creates a positive impression on visitors.

Best practices

This checks for common mistakes in websites. Website standards change and this score reflects your site’s compliance with relevant modern standards.

SEO effectiveness

Search engines aim to determine the relevance of content. A high score indicates your website content can be correctly categorised for valuable search engine visibility.

Key takeaway: Pinpoint website weaknesses today and start building value for tomorrow.

Would you be interested to get our brand-led input on your digital transformation efforts? Stepworks has considerable experience creating competitive advantages through developing effective websites that align business, brand and, most important, audience needs.

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