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Brand supports business reach and growth

Established 1988 and listed 2005, Tradelink (Stock Code: 536) is a digital technology pioneer and leader.

Coinciding with its 35th anniversary, the company initiated a brand revitalisation project to support its changing business objectives. 

Goals included defining a message framework that reinforced Tradelink’s leadership in etrade document compliance, and supported growth in its range of trade-related products and services. A redesigned brand identity signalled the changes. 

Value created

Business strategy support – The revitalised brand facilitates Tradelink’s business, culture, recruitment and performance development. It declares leadership and crystallises its value in society

Clarity for key stakeholders – Clearly expressing the company’s advantages and positioning supports positive perceptions in customers, team and shareholders.

Regulator compliance – Defining and developing an appropriate internal culture supports Tradelink’s conformance with its obligations as a listed company.

Tools for cost-effective brand building – Detailed guidelines defining messages, and brand design and presentation ensure Tradelink can continue to cost-effectively market their offerings with quality and consistency.

Tradelink’s message framework is built on the idea that the company leads in a very specific category, one that offers high value to customers, and is measurable
The new logo includes symbolism relevant to the company’s heritage, values and ambitions


The design team created a fresh new look for Tradelink with a comprehensive brand identity that defined how to present the company with maximum impact and consistency in a wide range of media and channels
The message framework included mission, vision, values and culture statements to comply with stock exchange listing requirements
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Showcasing a critical digital asset

Before most people had even heard of the internet, Tradelink was working to bring digital data exchange to businesses.

The website is the core asset of any modern brand. Tradelink’s website supports multiple functions and applications. 

From digital product distribution, to customer and team recruitment, regulator compliance and more.... 

To make it all work, the Tradelink and Stepworks code development teams cultivated an intensely close collaboration.

Value created

Digital efficiency maximised – Tradelink got it right first time by developing the website in close partnership with brand, design and digital specialists.

Brand / website consistency – Deploying one team to develop brand and website enabled diversified offerings to be presented cohesively.

Future development supported – Objectives included maximising the Tradelink team’s involvement to give them complete ongoing internal control of the website and brand.

The website is designed to optimise visitor experience while consistently expressing the brand
These case study cards reveal how Tradelink is delivering on its promise to maximise digital efficiency          
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Presentation deck
Sales enablement

Giving insurance a valuable edge

Tradelink maximised the value of its branding agency partnership with a selection of brand building collaterals and templates.

These included a comprehensive set of brand guidelines that provided support for Tradelink’s marketing team.

The project was scoped to consider a set of tools that would deliver maximum value and set the stage for ongoing brand building in-house.

Value created

Building trust, projecting confidence – On-brand communications add positive energy to Tradelink meetings and presentations.

Relevance, clarity and consistency – The communications materials are designed to be easily adapted to many business situations.

Illustrations, iconography and pictograms can be used across all touchpoints to help reinforce a message or act as a visual aid for signposting. The overall supporting graphics style is based on an isometric drawing grid illustrated above.
The Tradelink sales deck provides a framework to present complex technology ideas in a fresh memorable way that inspires confidence
Tradelink’s annual desktop calendar gift to stakeholders offered an opportunity to tease anticipation before the revitalised brand was launched
Brand guidelines enable collaborators unfamiliar with the brand to be productive with consistency

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