A unique brand for a unique business

Business objectivesExpansion, Shape perceptions, Strategic shift
Messaging framework
Sales enablement Digital

Innovating to support innovation

Q.Inc is a platform of three businesses uniquely integrated to support technology and hardware development.

Comprising Q Lab (ideation), Q Capital (VC) and Q Design (product development), Q.Inc offers capital, expertise and network to technology innovators. Each business unit is able to operate independently or together as a powerful whole.

Q.Inc’s founders teamed up with Stepworks to upgrade their brand in a way that would powerfully express their offering. The resulting corporate identity and website captures the essence of the three businesses in a distinctive and memorable way.

The messaging framework is grounded in a positioning phrase and copywriting that express the insight that innovation is stimulated by asking questions

Value created

Compelling USP – The Q.Inc positioning phrase Ask the right Q summarises the questioning attitude so important in innovation, and invites a closer look at the three business units.

Bold design – Q.Inc stands out in the innovation and startup space, a sector known for inventive branding.

Memorable, relevant presentation – The corporate identity makes a strong first impression and cements the idea of three connected but separate businesses.

Successful collaboration – Q.Inc and Stepworks teamed up productively and arrived at effective solutions through an open mutually supportive process.

Q.Inc brand architecture
The brand architecture clearly identifies that the three Q businesses are connected, yet each can work as a standalone

image of q ink name cards

The branded presentation deck included customised key graphics designed to precisely explain Q.Inc’s unique offerings
Branding Digital
API integration
Content creation
Hosting advisory
Security planning
SEO strategy
UX and UI
Web development

Website is the core brand asset for innovation platform

The central challenge of the Q.Inc website was to find an effective balance between message clarity and design wow.

As the Q.Inc platform is unique and relatively complex, special care was taken to explain the offering to diverse audiences.

An effective solution was achieved through an iterative development process. The web designers created explanatory user journeys with high visual impact. 

Visitors can quickly understand the scope and value of Q.Inc no matter who they are and which page they land on.

Value created

Business spotlighted – Up-to-the-minute innovative web design adds visual impact and supports visitor understanding of Q.Inc’s exceptional offering.

Strong digital foundation – Q.Inc can maintain and update the website easily to support the future growth and evolution of the platform.     

Effective teamwork – The website is the product of many individuals who engaged with each other in an open, mutually respectful way as they focused on putting the needs of the visitor first.

Animated infographics illustrate how the Q.Inc platform comprises three interlinked businesses

A dynamic design engages and involves website visitors with rich content


“Shout out to the Stepworks team for all their help presenting our unique businesses in a cohesive way that sets us apart. Their thoughtful process enabled us to clarify our business platform and clearly express it in a way that adds a ton of value. Great work guys!”

Larry Tsai
CEO, Q.Inc

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