AI precision targets a B2B market niche

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Brand upgrade engineers a new market for AI

Despite the inroads of robotics, modern manufacturing is still largely dependent on human-powered assembly lines. 

Traditional assembly line measurement systems are limited. So maximising the efficiency of human teams has historically been an art as well as science.

That’s all changed now. The PowerArena AI assembly line solution soon pays for itself by identifying ways of raising productivity – even in lines long considered optimised.

Already proven in other AI applications, PowerArena engaged Stepworks to upgrade the brand as an assembly line solution.

Value created

Distinctive focus – The key message Human Performance AI Enhanced with assembly line imagery instantly communicates the essence of the solution.

Memorable design – Presented in eye-catching colours, the branding features distinctive shapes and movement commonly associated with machine learning.

Clarity in messaging – Busy global factory owners and engineers are the audience for this complex solution. Simple, direct copywriting clearly explains its benefits. 

The new logo design is inspired by the interplay between human and machine, with “AI” subtly highlighted in the letters “AR”
Images of PowerArena brand guidelines
Image of concept name cards designed for PowerArena brand by Stepworks
Image of redesigned logo for PowerArena as signage by Stepworks
As signage, the logo makes a strong impact
Branding Digital
Content creation
SEO strategy
UX and UI

AI business gets an intelligently branded website

Branding and website design specialist Stepworks upgraded the online presence PowerArena to align its changed brand and business strategy.

The Hong Kong branding agency wrote and developed the website.

The website navigation and content is designed to quickly explain the offering to every visitor. It aims to convey the benefits and advantages of the solution, and make it easy for the visitor to enquire further.

Boundary boxes are a feature of machine learning systems and feature strongly in the PowerArena design language

Value created

Powerful online presence – Stepworks combined best practice UI and UX with contemporary design and smart coding to deliver a fast, compelling online visitor experience via multiple devices. 

Easy updating – The PowerArena team can quickly update the content via the website’s easy-to-use content management system.

Effective business support – Its modern, sector-specific website positions PowerArena as a tech-aware business that emphasises quality. This reflects well on every aspect of its operations.

Animation is used to convey aspects of the solution not easily conveyed with static images
Image of new PowerArena brand identity language by Stepworks
Graphic of AI machine learning for PowerArena

Imagery created for the brand adds visual interest and can be applied to infographics

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