Supporting strategic change and expansion

Business objectivesBuild awareness, Shape perceptions, Upgrade brand

Change is easy to talk about, but how do you show you mean it?

Understanding the power of branding, NOVA signalled a new era for the business with a redesigned brand identity.


Supporting expansion based on a proven business model

Corporate and financial services firm NOVA launched in 2009 as a three-desk firm in a serviced office. Several years later, the company had built a strong business model supporting the demand for more innovation in corporate services. To highlight the value of its offering, the leaders of the business decided to invest in a new corporate identity.

The O in NOVA’s distinctive wordmark is an evolution of their startup brand, which featured a soaring bird


Express quality from first impression to enquiry

NOVA’s leader worked closely with Stepworks’ branding specialists to develop foundational components for the brand. The project objective was to produce a brand toolkit for NOVA. 

The toolkit was to inform collaboration with NOVA’s designers of choice for future cost-effective brand-building consistency. 

Including a message framework with brand strategy and brand story, the toolkit systems supported creation of a wide variety of branding components.


Long-term value delivered

Several years after conducting the brand revitalisation initiative, NOVA continues to build their brand. 

Partnering with an experienced branding agency with a proven methodology resulted in accurate project scoping and effective delivery of their brand’s essential creative foundation. 

A smart operator in finance and corporate services, NOVA has achieved great value from their revitalised brand.

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