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Matrix Industries
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A material advantage for a Silicon Valley materials science leader

Niche technology leader Matrix Industries sought to upgrade their brand messaging and identity system to accelerate growth in customers and investor interest.

The company has developed technically superior thermoelectric material and related technology. A little known technology, thermoelectrics harvests electricity from temperature change. And enables solid state refrigeration.

The rebrand followed the launch of a successful Kickstarter campaign for their breakthrough powered-by-body-heat wearable PowerWatch. Rebranding sought to energise perceptions of Matrix, its remarkable products and its potential.

Matrix Industries products are often used as an ‘ingredient brand’ to power devices produced by other companies – similar to ‘Intel Inside’ which many people are familiar with. Our brand identity guidelines included a design system establishing how the Matrix brand is to be applied in these co-branded scenarios.


Value created

Opportunity explained – The rebrand clearly positioned Matrix as the efficiency leader in thermoelectrics. 

Business strategy aligned – Matrix corporate brand now maintains the perception of quality it developed by investing into its successful PowerWatch brand. 

Clear expression of value – The rebrand gave the Stepworks team familiarity with Matrix technology. This led to strong messages for all future communications.

Previous logo
Like the company’s offerings and approach, the distinctive new Matrix Industries logo expresses a cool energy
“It has been a great experience seeing our website and brand come together and clearly explain what we’re doing as a business. I enjoyed the thoughtful approach Stepworks brought. The reasoning behind their creative recommendations were often very compelling. Our presentation really is in good shape now.”

Nicole Cifani, VP, Marketing
Matrix Industries

Matrix’s brand architecture
Illustrations and iconography designs help keep the Matrix story visually consistent
Brand guidelines keep all Matrix Industries communications and design teams on the same page
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Amazing science and technology made accessible to all

The Matrix Industries website is at the heart of the company’s communications strategy.

The company is a rapid innovator developing in several directions to meet burgeoning opportunity. This means the website will always be evolving.

Stepworks took a modular approach to the website. The objective is to enable fast change, as simply as possible.

Concept of Matrix Industries' rebrand on a digital format

Value created

Positive first impression – Studies show visitors form a stay/go opinion of your website in just 0.05 seconds. A first time visitor to the Matrix Industries website quickly gets a sense of the company’s worth.

Engaging content – Simple animations, graphics and captions clearly explain Matrix breakthroughs and the scientific principles behind them.

Stakeholder clarity – The website is a work in progress developed with best practices. The development team is able to quickly adapt the website to changing trends in the fast-moving tech sector.

The visitor enjoys a consistent experience regardless of the browser and device
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An organisation committed to quality presents itself with quality

The scientists of Matrix Industries know it’s important to engineer positive perceptions of their products and services. Their partnership with Stepworks gives them the tools to effectively reach a broad range of audiences.

For a Silicon Valley company with global ambitions there are clear advantages to working with an international branding agency. A broader perspective can help to ensure more people will correctly understand a company’s technology, advantages and intentions. 

Value created

Clarity of offering – Thermoelectrics is totally new to many people. Matrix can now tailor messages with a balance of newbie explanation and deep science that brings value to different stakeholders. 

Emotional appeal – The excitement, enthusiasm and determination of the Matrix team is evident in the consistent and engaging way they present themselves.

Solid foundation for development – Clear brand guidelines with directions for images and graphics help to ensure partners, suppliers and media observers correctly present the business.


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