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Matilda International Hospital
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Taking the lead in Hong Kong hospital branding

Established in 1907, Matilda International Hospital is a leading healthcare service provider and world class private hospital in Hong Kong. Matilda has a long tradition of leadership and bringing innovation to healthcare in Asia.

Matilda commissioned Stepworks to create an identity that expressed its premium global standards, and provide a foundation for future communications initiatives. The objective was to align the hospital’s corporate identity with its strong reputation for staying at the forefront of medical advancement.

Value created

Leadership asserted – The hospital’s new brand amplifies its modernity and celebrates its rich history. It encourages Hong Kongers to take a fresh look at its overall offering.

Clear differentiation – The simple, confident, contemporary design sets Matilda apart from the staid, dated formality of most Hong Kong hospital branding.

Photo of Matilda Hospital's old logo on the left & the new logo design on the right
Modern, simple and friendly, the new logo is inspired by the hospital’s location atop the iconic Victoria Peak
“The new logo injects positive energy into our brand, and reaffirms our strong commitment to connect with our patients and healthcare partners.”

Linda Burgoyne, CEO
Matilda International Hospital

Graphic of supporting element of new Matilda logo that represents their values
Graphic of supporting element of new Matilda logo that represents their values
Graphic of supporting element of new Matilda logo that represents their values
Graphic of supporting element of new Matilda logo that represents their values
Graphic of supporting element of new Matilda logo that represents their values
The logo symbol can be adapted into icons visually expressing relevant concepts, and applied as a supergraphic
Photo of a person under Matilda Hospital's rebranded umbrella
Photo of a road sign for Matilda Hospital with their new rebrand logo
Photo of a minibus with Matilda Hospital's rebrand
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Revitalised website for a revitalised brand

Stepworks helped design a new website as part of the brand advisory service. The website was central to the rollout of Matilda International Hospital’s newly refreshed brand.

In addition to the information architecture and key page copywriting, Stepworks designed the website aesthetics, according the new brand guidelines, which was then coded by a third party. 

Value created

User friendly – The flat user-centred website architecture enables visitors to quickly find what they need, regardless of which page they entered.

Longevity – By following best current practices for design, device compatibility and SEO, the new website is designed to be more useful to more people for a longer time.

Amplified brand – The website accurately communicates Matilda’s key brand messages to all its most important stakeholders.

The new website features a flat, user-friendly architecture that was achieved by first developing the navigation and copywriting for key pages
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Brand building gets easier with effective tools

An important objective of the Matilda rebranding was to give the team the resources necessary to develop future communications initiatives.

We assist Matilda’s brand builders with a guided toolbox approach. A short animated video was produced to inspire Matilda with ways they could apply various components.

In addition to comprehensive guidelines, an on-brand presentation deck showed the way forward.



Value created

Engaged stakeholders – The approach united the Matilda team, who liked the warmth and flexibility of the logo. The guidelines allowed for various creative applications of the logo, which further builds team engagement.

Enhanced approachability – The new design reflects Matilda’s genuine friendliness and approachability, and helps to correct misperceptions of exclusivity.

The brand building kit’s universal brand rules help the team at Matilda keep brand touchpoints visually consistent

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