Brand refresh unlocks new business direction

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Securing a business expansion strategy

KeyTech is a leader in door hardware solutions across Asia. As Hong Kong’s first full member of the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers, KeyTech helped develop quality and formal oversight for the sector across the region.

The company collaborated with Stepworks to align its branding and evolved business strategy. The project meant refreshing the KeyTech brand and developing key messages. A new website showcases the expanded services and solutions. The changes were launched with an online/offline campaign

A training component empowers KeyTech team members to share the messages with other stakeholders going forward.

key tech-brand-logo-evolution
The new KeyTech logo is more simple and confident, and offers opportunities for design extensions

Value created

Positioned for growth – The project signalled expansion for KeyTech and demonstrated synergy between its new and existing services.

Enhanced stakeholder understanding – KeyTech had been changing for some time. The brand building initiative ensured all stakeholders understood and supported the change. 

Positive outcomes – Many great companies defer brand building to focus on serving customers. Working with Stepworks allowed KeyTech to achieve both.

KeyTech’s Unlock peace of mind tagline invokes door hardware and an important benefit it brings to people in property development

Supported by a brand launch presentation deck, the KeyTech brand building team introduced the changes to colleagues

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Web development

Testing and reinforcing transformation via digital

It’s essential for an organisation undergoing change to communicate the change on its website.

The official website is often the first place people go to see what’s new with any brand. It’s the only public digital channel most organisations can totally control.

The KeyTech brand revitalisation project included a new showcase website. Objectives included raising awareness of its meticulous business approach. Case studies demonstrate its success. The website also introduces new services and products to new audiences who would benefit from the advantages KeyTech brings.

Value created

Clarity for stakeholders – The new website explains the synergy between its core and emerging specialities in door hardware and ecoscaping.

Digital transformation – KeyTech has a history of benefiting its stakeholders with digital innovation. The success stories published on support this business strength.

Enhanced reputation – KeyTech’s official online presence is easily navigated, relevant and helpful. This confirms the company’s communication skills and commitment to stakeholders.

KeyTech’s website instantly gives visitors an impression of quality and attention to detail

Images of website development designs for Keytech by Stepworks
“We are very pleased with the outcome of our project. It was very enjoyable for me to work with a team who, like KeyTech, are clearly dedicated to achieving long-term success.”

James Wong, CEO

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