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Amplifying signal in a noisy market

The LS50 Wireless stereo bookshelf system from legendary British hifi maker KEF is genuinely revolutionary.

Thanks to processor advances, KEF engineers were able to develop an all-in-one system with sufficient computer power to prevent the slight distortion that affects all but high-end audiophile equipment.

The result of this breakthrough was exceptionally clear sound quality and power from a small system costing far less than typical audiophile setups.

Stepworks created a distinctive look to launch this authentic innovation to launch in a crowded market. It featured a mesmerising close-up of a breaking wave, shot at high speed to convey power with finesse. 

Value created

Empirical approach – The consumer-facing campaign benefited from a research phase that aimed to identify the most appropriate messaging. 

High impact – The high impact visual developed for the campaign captured the idea of power and finesse, presented with the confidence of a true innovator.

Compelling video – Over 101,000 hits on Youtube alone helped develop interest in the new product.

Wide applause – The KEF LS50 Wireless went on to receive stellar unsolicited reviews and awards from influencers and audio publications.

The launch campaign toolkit featured key messages and visuals for easy adaption in various global markets

The launch was kicked off with a global advertising campaign in audiophile print and digital channels

The video reveals how KEF engineers built high-end audio capabilities into the bookshelf speakers

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