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Traditional NGO refreshes brand to stay relevant with modern families

The Hong Kong Family Welfare Society has served families for 70 years. However, the families they serve have changed over time.

The family unit is changing. Family needs are more complex. Families seek more convenient ways to communicate.

HKFWS transformed – internally and externally – to realign the way they communicate and amplify the relevance of their services to families. Stepworks supported HKFWS’s organisation strategy with a clarified brand strategy aligning with their vision for how they wish to serve families now and for the future.

HKFWS received a flexible brand identity system and enhanced communication assets to better reach audiences. Stepworks accelerated their efforts to motivate internal change and stay relevant to stakeholders.

Rebranded logo for HKFWS designed by Stepworks
The old logo conveyed an outdated idea of a standard family unit. It was also challenging to replicate at smaller sizes, especially digitally. The new logo is inclusive to all family types, easy to replicate and stands out in busy environments
Photo of hearts containing HKFWS brand values and houses that hold images
HKFWS’s flexible visual identity comprises three shapes. The circle represents the sun and community, the home stands for the family unit, and the heart symbolises the human care

Value created

Broadened appeal – The brand opened up to relate to more families. The dual-meaning English positioning phrase, Family Matters, reflected their well-known Chinese one to include Hong Kong’s non-Cantonese families.

Reduced visual clutter – The brand was simplified. The acronym HKFWS was embraced for easier recall. The new logo comprised three simple shapes – the circle, home and heart – which became building blocks for a friendly and easily recognisable design language.

Rejuvenated team focus – The 1000-strong NGO achieved renewed focus and enthusiasm. Their anniversary and rebrand became the catalyst to reinvigorate and align stakeholders, staff and volunteers around HKFW’s core values and fresh approach. 

Promo photo for HKFWS of a family holding up HKFWS products
Photo of HKFWS branded truck and bag
Fun and functional souvenirs make a lasting impression on audiences

Branding Digital
Website Campaign

A scalable channel to support HK families

Searching online is often the first move people make when seeking information. HKFWS needed to live up to families’ expectations to be clear, simple and useful. The enhanced site helped HKFWS gain a greater presence online.

The new website is focused on delivering on users’ needs. Simple navigation and information structure helped visitors more easily find relevant advice, services and centres. Fewer pages helped delineate the organisation’s milestones, achievements and internal structure. The new site launch coincided with HKFWS’s anniversary. 

Stepworks also worked with HKFWS on their own content development strategy, publishing advice relating to family matters as easy-to-read articles. This initiative helped visitors find help relevant to their situation.

Value created

Delivering scalable service – Publishing helpful articles on family issues with HKFWS’s experts elevated its reputation as a thought leader in the family welfare service category.

Be more useful – Improving the site’s navigation and usability made it a helpful tool for families to find information quickly and effortlessly.

Concept of HKFWS mobile website digital design

The new website uses a simple menu navigation and more readable pages to direct users to the services that matter to them most

Practical articles by HKFWS experts amplify HKFWS’s reputation as a credible authority on family issues in Hong Kong
BrandingDigital Campaign

Brand building gets easier with effective tools

An important objective of the Matilda rebranding was to give the team the resources necessary to develop future communications initiatives.

We assist Matilda’s brand builders with a guided toolbox approach. A short animated video was produced to inspire Matilda with ways they could apply various components.

In addition to comprehensive guidelines, an on-brand presentation deck showed the way forward.



Value created

Engaged stakeholders – The approach united the Matilda team, who liked the warmth and flexibility of the logo. The guidelines allowed for various creative applications of the logo, which further builds team engagement.

Enhanced approachability – The new design reflects Matilda’s genuine friendliness and approachability, and helps to correct misperceptions of exclusivity.

Photo of HKFWS employee promoting their rebrand campaign

“We want to thank Stepworks for helping us understand how valuable our brand is for the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society. With their help, we aligned our values with a bold, updated image that reflects our mission. We’re confident that families in Hong Kong and all our supporters inside and out will find more meaning and understanding in our organisation as a result of our brand revitalisation project.”

Annie Lo Ka Lok, Acting Executive Director
Hong Kong Family Welfare Society

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