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Protecting and progressing HK’s beloved trams

In operation since 1904, Hong Kong’s trams are an essential part of the Hong Kong experience.

Affectionately known as Ding Dings, they are both a valuable public transport service, and a treasured icon of a remarkable city.

Ding Ding network operator Hong Kong Tramways teamed up with Stepworks to create previously untapped value from their brand.

Value created

Increased visibility – The branding initiative included a comprehensive signage system designed to cut through Hong Kong’s legendary visual clutter.

Stronger affinity – Many Hong Kong people and visitors have expressed their love for the revitalised brand. It helps entrench the trams as indispensable to the city.

New IP opportunities – The brand is designed to facilitate licensed merchandising and crossover opportunities.The integrity of Tramways’ intellectual property is protected by detailed usage guidelines.

The old logo dates back to 1974
Now friendlier in every way
“The narrow gauge double-decker tram holds a special place in the hearts of Hong Kongers, and the new logo beautifully reflects our DNA, which showcases Hong Kong craftsmanship at its best.”

Emmanuel Vivant, Managing Director
Hong Kong Tramways

Branding Campaign
Strategy Communications

Rebrand launch instantly adds value to transport network

The launch of HK Tramways’ new brand was managed for maximum impact. The preparations for DD Day (Ding Ding Day) brought the entire Tramways team together to give Hong Kong a big surprise.

Overnight, a smile appeared on the company’s 163 trams. The new brand was unveiled at a media event and publicised via owned media. The launch generated considerable earned media. All signage was changed within two weeks.

The launch campaign put a smile on trams and people alike

Value created

Enhanced positioning – Tram bodies are an effective advertising medium valued by luxury global brands. The new brand helps position the trams as a premium channel.

Positive publicity – The launch of the rejuvenated brand stimulated significant favourable comment from media and public.

Passengers were invited to catch a ride, catch a smile
Designed for effective merchandising and crossovers, the Tramways brand translates into popular souvenirs
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Transport service rebrand signals commitment to change

Simple isn’t easy. The development process for Tramways’ corporate identity involved many months of research and experimentation.

Numerous parties were involved and multiple directions were considered.

Out of the deliberate process came the final logo and associated graphics. The corporate identity expresses the brand DNA with balanced emotion.

Brand guidelines mandate the correct application. The Tramways team became deeply involved in the new brand rollout as it was applied to every aspect of the organisation. Through this process they were made aware of the parent company’s commitment to the service.

Value created

Raised team morale – The brand relaunch sparked enthusiasm among the entire Tramways team, from workshop technicians and motormen to senior managers.

Strengthened perceptions – The refreshed brand is a tangible expression of the many innovations introduced by the network operator to streamline and modernise the service.

The new corporate identity was applied to every aspect of the operation
The rebranding initiative included a new wayfinding system with a route map that is much easier and faster to use
Every detail counts when leading change

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