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Sometimes managing change only needs a logo change

This example reveals how a business responded smartly to optimise a change of ownership and identity.


Rethinking the master brand after acquisition

Following change of ownership, the Chinese biopharmaceutical giant Hisun required an adjustment to the corporate identity of its BioRay offering.

Hisun BioRay develops and markets antibody-based drugs known as biosimilars.

The company sought to uplift the Hisun BioRay brand with a minimum of disruption to its existing brand assets. 


Change a single image

After consulting with the Hisun BioRay team, Stepworks demonstrated how the situation could be simply addressed with a new logo.

The Stepworks team developed a bold simple logo depicting stylised chromosomes shaped to resemble the letter H. The rotationally symmetrical design enhances recognition at any angle. This is particularly useful for mass-printing onto varying sizes of packaging.


A bold, meaningful logo that delivers real value

With its thoughtful bilingual typography and single shade of red, the Hisun BioRay logo catches the eye and is instantly recognizable to key audiences. 

The smooth collaboration resulted in a design that clearly signposts positive change for Hisun BioRay and will produce measurable value far into the future based on savings on printing alone.

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