Playful NGO brand has a serious purpose

Business objectivesBuild awareness, New offering
Key messaging

NGO brand brings goods to people who need them

GOODS-CO is a one-stop digital resources matching platform from St. James’ Settlement. Users can donate unwanted goods, which are distributed to NGOs for allocation to needy people.

The NGO engaged Stepworks to join the development team in creating the brand, app and launch campaign. 

Project deliverables ranged from brand strategy, key messages and logo development, to launch and outreach campaign items, including eDM, posters, a backdrop and videos. Stepworks also designed the GOODS-CO app interface.

Value created

Productive teamwork – To ensure the success of the project, Stepworks cooperated with multiple vendor partners to ensure brand consistency and digital efficiency.

On-schedule launch – Strong teamwork and open communication enabled the GOODS-CO platform to launch on schedule with maximum impact.

Development toolkit – The project empowered the GOODS-CO team with the resources necessary to continue growing the brand.

An eye-catching design language featuring joyful quirky graphics give the platform a distinctive, memorable appearance
The brand video quickly explains the platform to donors and participating NGOs
The platform’s memorable launch featured a creative application of the brand
Content creation
UX and UI
Web apps

Brand + digital solution advances NGO goods-sharing platform

GOODS-CO comprises a public-facing app, a channel for businesses to share goods, and a pathway for NGOs, and people, to receive and distribute goods.

As a digital-first initiative, it was important that GOODS-CO was presented consistently in various channels. 

To achieve the cohesion required, the Stepworks team applied a brand-led process, and guided the development of the brand across all its assets.

Value created

Successful outcomes – GOODS-CO signed up nearly 200 NGOs to participate in the platform after its launch. In its first eight months it facilitated nearly 500,000 transactions, each of which saved the receiver over HK$1,100 – producing around HKD0.5billion of value.

Efficient use of resources – A careful scoping and discovery phase supported an effective collaboration between the parties involved.

Productive partnership – The diverse teams involved in the project quickly established a rapport and worked together to address the challenges and opportunities.

The app user interface helps people achieve their aims quickly while expressing the brand
A digital launch campaign encouraged new users to join the platform via various channels
A digital launch campaign encouraged new users to join the platform via various channels


GOODS-CO’s pick-up and delivery service offered a great opportunity to grab attention and spread the word
Brand guidelines allow the GOODS-CO team to produce consistent communications in-house

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