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The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong
Messaging framework
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Premium hotel brand launches first resort

The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong is Sino Hotels’ first Fullerton hotel in the city and first Fullerton resort worldwide. Stepworks was appointed to develop brand components of the luxury oceanfront property.

The collaboration began by devising a messaging framework and designing a brand identity. The property’s promise of heritage location, fun attractions and historical romance is expressed in the positioning phrase, Sea, soul, stories of the Southside.

This idea is reflected in the on-theme brand designs and collaterals produced by the team.

Value created

Premium positioning – Engaging relevant messages, attention to design detail and carefully reflecting core property characteristics ensure the brand accurately positions the remarkable resort.

Brand consistency – The brand was meticulously designed to create a cognitive connection between the new resort and existing properties.

Effective collaboration – Sino Hotels’ and Stepworks’ teamwork ensured this exceptional property launched with world class branding.

The resort’s brand identity elements clearly identify it as a Fullerton Hotel’s property with its own unique characteristics 

Branded collaterals create a cohesive and seamless guest experience and support the resort’s premium luxury positioning


A set of mood lines communicate various aspects of the guest experience and are used to create campaigns and collaterals



Branding Communications
Hotel directory
Events folder
Wedding brochure

Hospitality branding agency partnership blossoms

The Sino Hotels and Stepworks teams first defined and executed a strategic foundation for the new resort brand. They followed up by creating a collection of collaterals to bring the brand to life.

Detailed brand guidelines were key to achieving consistency across the deliverables. 

The initial set of items produced offered an opportunity to test the application of the stunning hotel’s brand. The outcome provided a solid foundation for other parties to design on-brand creative going forward.

Value created

Engaging sales tools – Representing the premium property in high quality materials strongly supports the efforts of sales and marketing teams.

Smart solutions – The range of items chosen for the initial launch provide a wide selection of examples for future development of the brand.

Positive outcomes – Detailed brand guidelines and templates enable Fullerton Hotels’ teams to cost-effectively create consistent on-brand campaigns and collaterals.

Made of recyclable materials, the resort’s in-room services directory pages can be easily updated


Understated elegance reflects the charm of the property
This lavishly printed brochure gives wedding planners a tangible feeling of luxury
A flexible advertising template can be adapted for multiple applications
All branded items were developed to be striking in digital channels
Guidelines keep design teams on-brand and ensure the consistency of their work

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