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Correcting perceptions of an innovative company

Established in Hong Kong in 2006, molecular diagnostics (MdX) pioneer DiagCor invented flow-through hybridization technology. The company leads the market in mid-resolution DNA analysis.

DiagCor goes to market with innovative products, exceptional services and a talented young team. However they were missing opportunities. Inconsistent branding made the company appear under-resourced. Incoherent communication materials inadequately explained the advantages of their highly technical products.

Some potential customers even believed the company was a low price copycat of the world-beating technology it had developed in-house. The company engaged Stepworks to correctly present them as an innovator with premium offerings.


Value created

Accurate positioning – DiagCor’s brand image was reworked to accurately position the company as a global leader.

Raised morale – Many DiagCor team members commented how the refreshed brand gave them a renewed sense of pride and purpose.

Increased perceived value – DiagCor’s premium brand image raised the companies credibility online and in key trade shows competing against much larger players.

The DiagCor logo was enhanced to give it a more confident appearance without the need for costly hardware retooling
“Stepworks helped us realise our brand DNA, bringing our passion into one simple conclusion: We are dedicated to Molecular Diagnostics (MDx). Through branding, Stepworks revised the look of DiagCor, rejuvenated our spirit in front of our customers. The immediate effect was obvious.”

Ho-Yuen Poon, Senior Marketing Executive
DiagCor Life Sciences



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A website that achieves business objectives

A DiagCor Life Science website was developed to spearhead the branding initiative and give confidence to key audiences.

The site was produced in English, Chinese and Spanish to reach the company’s most promising markets.

The website shares complex scientific principles with healthcare decision makers who may be unfamiliar with the technology. To obtain a credible understanding of molecular diagnostics, the Stepworks web copywriter spent time in the lab with DiagCor scientists.

Best practices ensure the website is SEO optimised, and a content management system enabled the DiagCor team to easily update key sections.


Value created

New opportunities – Providing clarity in its range and depth of operations, the website promotes new opportunities for cross-selling and upselling.

Multiple stakeholders served – Navigation, UI and UX were optimised to bring various stakeholders to relevant information with as few distractions as possible

Business – DiagCor was so pleased with the results of the rebrand and website, Stepworks was engaged to also help create a new brand for the group.

The new website correctly positions DiagCor as a world class bioscience pioneer with a unique vertical approach to MdX innovation
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Presentation deck

Sales made easier

DiagCor innovations are used daily in labs across the world for prenatal diagnosis, genetic testing, cancer testing, infectious disease identification, and parentage investigation.

Their products fulfill the global demand for MDx services in the fast-growing preventative healthcare sector. Applying the brand consistently at every touchpoint raised trust among an audience relentlessly targeted by big spending big pharma.

Stepworks created brand guidelines specifying colour, typography and logo application. Stepworks organised and art directed a photoshoot on DiagCor’s premises which formed the basis of an image library for the brand. 

Value created

Strong results – Giving the brand a clear parameters and a premium image helped the sales team close deals as a credible supplier of quality equipment.

Trust built faster – A clear positioning as a leading innovator strengthened DiagCor’s credibility in the market.

Clear differentiation – Crucially, DiagCor operates in translation medicine, product development and clinical testing. Many customers only realised their unique virtuous circle approach after the rebrand.

Time saved – Clear guidelines saved the DiagCor team from wasting time endlessly discussing how to present the company. It also saved sales teams’ time when explaining product advantages. 

Photo of Diagcor's rebranded stationery
Easy to understand brand guidelines offer DiagCor designers a clear roadmap for developing future campaigns and branded touchpoints
DiagCor’s tradeshow booth attracts attention and conveys the company’s premium offering
The on-brand communication deck helps DiagCor team and distributors sell more effectively to various audiences, some of whom have low scientific understanding of the product

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