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How to keep the founder spirit alive

Alabaster advises and invests in startup founders to help them grow breakthrough companies that will make a positive, planet-level impact.

The Alabaster team invited Stepworks to help build their brand with a new corporate identity and website.

The aim was to reflect the excitement, adventure and challenge of the startup journey, while extending a hand to founders who may benefit from a collaboration.

The Alabaster and Stepworks teams worked together to distil their offering to its pure essence of expression – Startup growth factor. Then it was amplified through a website and documented with brand guidelines.


Value created

Inspiring story – Long favoured for making containers for precious things, Alabaster is the vessel for startup growth factor – with valuable resources and advice for ambitious founders.

Memorable logo design – Hidden within the typography white space are graphic drops symbolising startup growth factor.

Smooth implementation – The single integrated Stepworks team managed all aspects of rebrand and digital. This achieved a fast, smooth roll-out, easy decisions for Alabaster, and cohesive aesthetics.

Concealed within Alabaster are drops of startup growth factor
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A website with all the right stuff

The Alabaster website expresses the optimism and sense of purpose that startup culture thrives on.

Development was driven by Stepworks’ Message + Navigation First methodology to ensure a smooth and rewarding user journey.

Inspirational quotes with surprising graphics were carefully selected to engage attention and create lasting memory structures.

The website clearly conveys the intent of the Alabaster team, amplifies the brand, and invites an appropriate response from various visitors.

Value created

Design integrity – Alabaster’s core principles, competencies and business are digitally aligned within a solid brand identity.

Effective digital management – The website can be easily managed and extended by Alabaster going forward.

Enjoyable process – The Alabaster and Stepworks teams clicked to create an effective web presence with minimum friction.


The contemporary website design is on-trend and evocative of startup culture

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