Manufacturer amplifies success with a revitalised brand

One website to rule them all

Rethinking the Travalo website was an important part of the Travalo brand upgrade initiative.

As a relatively low cost product with wide retail distribution, the Travalo product has a big web footprint. The website needs to position the brand, explain the product and convert the visitor to a customer as effectively as possible.

An important part of the ecommerce website was making sure it was the top Google entry for Travalo. With over 2 million plus Google hits on a search for “Travalo”, this meant applying best practice SEO throughout the site.

Ultimately Stepworks delivered a website that fulfilled all the requirements of the brand, presented the product in the best possible light and moved the visitor towards the sale. 

The website aims to cement the positioning of the product as an affordable luxury

Value created

Enjoyable user experience – The website puts the product first, and quickly engages the visitor by offering choice. Those new to Travalo can easily find how-to-use information and discover the brand story.

Direct sales via ecommerce – The shopper’s journey from window browser to check out is facilitated by proven online shopping applications.

Easy site management – Travalo team members can manage website content, promotions and prices via the user friendly content management system.

Custom apps – Stepworks also built an online tool for warranty registration and promotional code redemptions for Travalo products. 


The website balances imagery and storytelling to showcase the high quality of Travalo innovations


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