Manufacturer amplifies success with a revitalised brand

Transforming a gadget into a premium brand

Travalo is a clever innovation that went viral and brought global success to a Shenzhen-based OEM manufacturer.

The product comprises a small atomiser bottle designed to easily remove perfume from a standard scent bottle. The small Travalo bottle can then be handily carried in a purse or pocket.

Initially successfully marketed simply as a functional product, the inventors sought to reposition the brand in the luxury category. The objective was to align it with the premium image of fragrance brands, and combat competition from products with inferior technology but better presentation.


Value created

Successful makeover – The Stepworks methodology led to a more attractive brand proposition and brand identity that enhanced the essential emotional appeal of the Travalo product.

Superior positioning –  A romantic storytelling approach equates the product with a magical talisman, with the power of transforming the user instantly with scent.

Luxury aesthetics – Stepworks designed a series of attractively-packaged products with a refined contemporary appearance to appeal to scent aficionados.

The Travalo logotype begins with a sharp typeface that gradually softens to signify transformation. The T logo suggests a classic scent bottle shape
The product description was carefully chosen to evoke French perfume
Soft, transformative images entice with the mystery and seduction of scent

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