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Why a digital agency engaged us to help develop their website

Digital consultant Motherapp asked Stepworks to help build a new website as part of an extensive rebrand initiative. As digital specialists they are more than qualified to develop their own website.

They saw the collaboration as a valuable opportunity to get the perspective of an outsider. Taking the client role in a service relationship offered insights into how they might better serve their own clients. 

Stepworks applied a methodology that enabled Motherapp to define, refine and approve messages and navigation before designs or code were produced. The website was carefully structured to help various types of visitor quickly fulfil their objectives. Best practice SEO was embedded from the beginning. Built on the popular Wordpress platform, the website is designed for easy maintenance and ongoing evolution. 

Value created

Quality perception – A consistent delivery of relevant messages and polished identity associates the brand with quality and helps audiences identify the source.

Enhanced appeal – Motherapp’s careful and consistent approach to its own identity reassure stakeholders that their needs will be taken care of thoughtfully and with serious intention.

Motherapp’s offering is complex. Customer conversion occurs after a lengthy process. High involvement purchase decisions typically require more explanation
News, case studies, insights and events can easily be added to the website thanks to the myriad of functions available via the Wordpress platform

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