Elevating perceptions of a global financial institution

Leveraging a branding investment with consistency

It’s difficult to quantify the damage inconsistency does to a brand. It seems simple enough – just get people to apply things the same way each time. Why is this so hard to implement in practice?

Science suggests that the NIH cognitive bias (Not Invented Here) might be at the root of a designer’s urge to reinvent a brand. NIH is “Aversion to contact with or use of products, research, standards, or knowledge developed outside a group”. It’s apparently a form of tribalism.

Clear brand guidelines, diligently policed are the solution. These help world leading organisations such as ICBC (Asia) Private Bank achieve the consistency essential to project an image of premium value.

Consistent application across business cards is surprisingly difficult to achieve, and impossible without effective brand management tools

Value created

Consistent quality – Concise, thorough brand guidelines, inline with the group brand, help the world’s largest financial institution maintain an image of dependability.

Brand toolbox – Along with the guidelines the Stepworks team produced easy-to-adapt templates of corporate stationery, presentation templates and other collaterals.

Effective brand guidelines strike a balance between comprehensive and concise

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