Creatively increasing passenger numbers

Public take campaign icon viral to demonstrate support

A retired government official controversially proposed to remove the trams from Hong Kong’s crowded busy streets.

Fundamentally this meant replacing the city’s greenest and least expensive public transport with more polluting cars only wealthier citizens could afford. It also meant removal of a beloved Hong Kong icon.

Fortunately the public rallied around Hong Kong Tramways. Tram fans appropriated the campaign creative as a backdrop for their protests. The campaign images went viral, first in social media, which was then picked up by traditional media channels.

Value created

Stakeholder engagement – The campaign demonstrated how a strong idea can deliver benefits far beyond its initial scope.

Facilitating change – The success of the campaign enabled Tramways management to demonstrate the value of personality in branding. This helped pave the way for a commitment to rebrand the entire service.

The campaign revealed a new side to Tramways’ personality. Its acceptance by the public paved the way for the rebrand campaign
A fun video evokes the friendly, nimble nature of the passenger experience

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